Providing compassionate care and evidence-based treatment for individuals in need

It is important to have someone who can identify services and activities that promote recovery and lead to increased meaning and purpose.

Arbor Care Solutions’ outpatient behavioral health assistance is about providing resources and sustaining mental health.

Our outpatient treatment includes the following:

  • Adolescent Substance Abuse Services

    Our adolescent substance abuse services are tailored to the unique needs of young individuals facing challenges with substance use. We provide a supportive and nurturing environment where adolescents can develop the necessary skills and strategies to make positive choices. Through evidence-based interventions and family involvement, we aim to guide adolescents toward a healthier and more fulfilling future.

  • Adult Substance Abuse Services

    Our adult substance abuse services offer a comprehensive and personalized approach to treatment. We understand that every individual’s journey to recovery is different, which is why our program is designed to be adaptable and responsive. Whether it’s early intervention or more intensive treatment, our services are structured to meet the specific needs and goals of each adult seeking support.

  • Skill Building Recovery groups

    Structured skill development groups that focus on job skills, budgeting, managing credit, relapse prevention, and conflict resolution skills and support recovery.

  • Recovery Resource Connecting

    Connecting clients to professional and nonprofessional services and resources available in the community that can assist a beneficiary in meeting recovery goals.

  • Peer mentoring or coaching (one-on-one)

    To encourage, motivate, and support clients moving forward in recovery. Assist clients with setting self-identified recovery goals, developing recovery action plans, and solving problems directly related to recovery, such as finding housing, developing natural support system, finding new uses of spare time, and improving job skills. Assist with issues that arise in connection with collateral problems such as legal issues or co-existing physical or mental challenges.

  • Building community

    Assisting clients in enhancing his or her social networks that promote and help sustain mental health and substance use disorder recovery. Organization of recovery-oriented services that provide a sense of acceptance and belonging to the community, promote learning of social skills and the opportunity to practice newly learned skills.

  • Peer Support

    Supporting in developing a recovery support system, wellness tools, goals, and self-management. Decreasing in crisis service utilization and hospitalizations and increase community inclusion and self-esteem. Promoting and modeling personal responsibility skills for recovery.

Additional Peer Support Services include:

  • Assistance in identifying services and activities that promote recovery and lead to increased meaning and purpose.
  • Supporting the individual’s agreement to treatment adherence through the creation of tips and strategies that the member believes will work.
  • Help with relearning and building confidence in everyday tasks, such as riding a bus, grocery shopping and going to a laundromat.
  • Assistance in community resources, such as support groups, drop-in centers, food banks, clothing closets, places the member can volunteer to build back their confidence, job placement and supported employment resources, housing resources, transportation assistance, and programs to help the member pay for utilities.

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